Audiovisual Production

In the middle of the year 2022, the company KIAR SRL had the need to publicize the commercial expansion of the company. For this reason, we proposed the production of an audiovisual presenting the areas of the company and its production systems.

To do this, we decided that the first step would be to generate material (videos and photos) at the KIAR plant.


"Thinking, planning, action".

To create real content where we could get to know the work team, the collaboration and coordination in production, the new machines acquired and the different stages of production. Before any audiovisual production, two essential things are needed. First, to have a good idea of what needs to be told and, secondly, a plan of how to do it. It is at this stage where you need to create a script in which the necessary shots are included, initially "simulated", to then be able to perform the actual capture on the ground.

Once we sketched the previous script with the necessary shots, we contacted the company AEROPRO from the city of Rosario, who perfectly interpreted and executed the previously defined ideas. With the real material generated, the first step was to select the best shots of each stage and begin to reorganize the previous script, now, with real material. Once we select the best shots and we have the final script, the production stage begins. This is the moment when we start to give life to the project, the parts are assembled until "the whole becomes one".


We share the result of the sum of efforts!

This stage is the beginning of the most important advertising impact, where a "simple" video of approximately one minute, shows us the result of a month of work and coordination between companies, people and professionals from different areas.