New website development

Our job as designers is to understand the problems of a brand by analyzing actions and processes and creating simple solutions to supposedly complex problems.

We create simple solutions to supposedly complex problems. "Design should always create scenarios that are preferably better than existing scenarios".

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New website development

Analysis and reflection...

It is necessary to understand the value of a good identity design but above all of a correct communication, as simple as that, the biggest problem of any company is communication. Internal, to solve processes in production, performance and synergy of the work team, external, in the process of brand positioning in a society and a correct sales process.

New website development

We approached the project knowing in depth the current processes of the company. Subsequently, we defined the functions and sections needed in the site, we proceeded to create an appropriate layout for each space, in short, we began to design. The most disruptive function that the site includes was the live transmission of each auction (streaming).

— For this reason, we analyzed current habits in society to take advantage of installed resources achieving a possible association of streaming functions already known in the daily use by users.

We analyze already installed brands such as: Netflix, taking key concepts in the use of visual elements, for example...

We created a stunning website with a black background, sans serif typography (Inter family) for quick reading, bold colors (red, white, black and yellow) and dynamic transitions. In addition, we integrated Twilio and Mailchimp for efficient alerts to the contact base about upcoming streaming events. Our site manager simplifies site administration, including pop-ups, auctions, video editing, datasheets, blog, representatives, results and media. We share with you the result, we hope you like it. Thanks @ildarrazhnos