Design the site web & photography

Design the site web & photography

With more than 100 years of presence, La Salle School is part of the Congregation of the Brothers of the Christian Schools. It is dedicated to providing education, training students at the initial, primary, secondary and higher education levels.

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Asociación Educacionista Argentina
Design the site web & photography

With the main objective of highlighting the particular advantages that the institution offers to the community of Rosario (Rosario, Santa Fe, Argentina), we have the opportunity to develop a new website for the school.

In order to simplify its route and facilitate the access to the information for the users, the web page has 4 different sections where each level (initial, primary, secondary, superior) is developed. In each section we present the latest news and relevant material.


As part of the development of the site, we also carried out photo sessions in the institution as a fundamental material to show the spaces available to the institution (chapel, assembly hall, recreational and sports fields), its architecture and its students who give life to these spaces.