We don't design just one site, we create an integrative and collaborative multi-space.

"if design does not serve to make people live better, it serves for nothing". - Ronald Shakespear-

Always, in any project when the design process begins, we analyze what are the communicational needs to connect with the audience, not only in a visual way but mainly in a resolutive way.

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As design professionals…

we ask ourselves some questions such as: What problems do we need to solve? What are the real needs of our client? What processes can we make simpler and more effective? What processes can we automate to improve the feedback of the company? These are some of the questions that are generally applicable to any project that includes the intervention of design. In this project we can say that, in addition to layout and design of a representative space of the company, we created a unique and collaborative space integrating automated functions to solve daily communication problems with users, customers and followers.

A space that helps us connect with users, a space where we can present the monthly news of the company in a systemic way and under a strict aesthetic and functional care in the treatment of design. Among the integrated functions, the new site offers us the possibility of answering frequently asked questions from users through an integrated chatboot with simple answers to each query and focused depending on the profile of each user. The system is totally flexible and customizable over time, thus avoiding being tied to the same questions of yesterday, since in a constantly changing world the questions and answers of today may be very different from those of tomorrow.

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The new space presents…

the different areas of the company, sharing with the followers the philosophy and culture from its beginnings to the present day. In addition, in order to help its customers to position their stores, FERRAMIX offers the integration of all the stores in its map located in the "distributors" section of the site. Each of the company's customers can choose to include a photo of their store front and their contact information in order to position their business and reach the end consumer near their location. The company's commercial advisors were also included in the map, located according to the range of action of each one within their assigned province. On the other hand, the site also includes a space (blog) to present notes in order to announce news, commercial agreements, new Artemix product lines, or news of the hardware market in the country. For all this and much more, we say that we not only design a site but we think an integrated and functional space to the needs of different user profiles. As we always say, "We don't work for our clients, we work for our clients' clients". We are sure that this new space will be a disruptive means of communication in the market and among the clients and followers of the brand.