Brand commercial brochure

We coordinate with the company Microcom to design a representative brochure of the different areas of action of the brand and the breadth of coverage of its services.

Microcom Argentina S.A.

To this end, we thought of a cross-folding system, where in the center (once closed) the logotype of the company with a glossy sectorized varnish is exposed to the naked eye. (center spread) The drop-down, when opened, exposes its 5 faces in which the different areas of action are represented, such as: Telephony, Security, Infrastructure and Wireless.

Each area of the company includes the logos of the brands represented by Microcom within its extensive offer of products and services nationwide.


The result was a 25 x 25 cm drop-down graphic piece. closed and 75 cm by 75 cm. open. A graphic synthesis of the coverage of the brand and its different areas of action.